Turku – Night of the Arts

Just like Helsinki, Turku also had their very own Night of the Arts. To celebrate, there was a city-wide lantern picnic in one of Turku’s beautiful parks.

Lanterns of all shapes and sizes were placed throughout the park, along with small stages for entertainment.

Unfortunately, it rained for most of the day so the ground was soggy and wet, but that didn’t stop families from packing up dinner and enjoying a picnic together.

As the picnic came to a close, people made their way down to the river to witness the final Colourscape event.

There were two spheres this time, one with a flutist the other with an acrobat. Because the glare from the river was so strong, it was difficult to see the acrobat swinging and flipping inside of their bubble.

After about 15 minutes, one of the bubbles started to fill with water and so the show was cut a bit short. He played his flute the entire time that they pulled him ashore, not stopping until he himself was unstrapped and let out.

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