Do you know, dear reader, that feeling of terrible excitement as you step off of a plane at a new destination, or when the lights dim as the curtain rises at a theater, or those final few seconds before your number is called at the DMV? Those times that are pregnant with potential and make you feel electric – like anything is possible? Well, I just so happen to be a connoisseur of such moments and seeing as I’m somewhat of a storyteller this little blog is my notebook for archiving & displaying captured stories of the aforementioned nature.

As an author/illustrator of children’s books, and an educational programmer I am given the luxury of a flexible schedule and try my best to set out for new sights as much as possible. To see/purchase some of my work head on over to my “professional” site at  BrittanyRJacobs.com


Britt Rose

Me & My Fur-Beasts

For inquiries, contact me here:


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