We’ve done our best to try as many traditional Finnish dishes as possible while here, and last night a good friend of ours had a “surprise” for us at her apartment. It was Mämmi. We’ve been hearing about this traditional Easter dessert for quite a while, and we’ve gotten mixed reviews. Finns have told us … More Mämmi

6 month-old bread

Can you imagine eating 6 month-old bread?! Well, apparently that was done here in Finland back in the day. On a recent trip to the Handicrafts Museum we were told that the Finns created this bread called Ruis, but here’s the kicker, they only made it twice a year. It was made in bulk in … More 6 month-old bread


Logomo is the central hub for the cultural going-ons in Turku during the European Capital of Culture. The building is an old warehouse that houses several art exhibits and a cafe. The cafe is sort of a mind-trip because the designs not only go over the walls and floor, but the windows, furniture, cash counters … More Logomo

A Night on the Town

Tonight we went out to Vaakahuoneen Paviljonki, Turku’s jazz club. Sitting along the Aura River, this hot spot brings excellent jazz talent from all around and keeps the music going well into the night (that is actually day, due to the sun never going down during the summer). All of the music is free, and … More A Night on the Town

Delicious Dinner

Had a fantastic dinner at Pinella. BBQ (not American BBQ, more like a sweet chili flavored mayonnaise) pork with fries and carrot/pineapple coleslaw. Yuuuuummmm.