Month Kolme (three)

Absolutely cannot believe that today marks three months since we first stepped off of the airplane into snowy and unfamiliar Turku. The city is now in full bloom, we feel like we know every side nook & cranny and which bike path will get you there fastest. We are really enjoying our time here in … More Month Kolme (three)

China Town

At least twice a week several (huge) tour buses pull up right outside of our building, and unload dozens upon dozens of stretching (must have been a long ride) and photo-snapping Chinese tourists, who then file into China Jasmin, the restaurant on the opposite side of the street. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Chinese … More China Town

Medieval Festival

Not much went on during the week, but now that the weekend is here it’s time for another festival. Being a medieval city itself, Turku is the perfect setting for the Medieval Festival. Despite the temperature reaching the high 70’s, traditional garments were worn… and traditional foods were eaten. This was a lettuce wrap filled … More Medieval Festival