Medieval Festival

Not much went on during the week, but now that the weekend is here it’s time for another festival. Being a medieval city itself, Turku is the perfect setting for the Medieval Festival. Despite the temperature reaching the high 70’s, traditional garments were worn…

and traditional foods were eaten.

This was a lettuce wrap filled with fish.

A type of crepe.


There were also medieval toys for the youngsters to play on sprinkled throughout the festival. This is a huge swing that spins 4 children at a time, while the woman in the middle cranked the center beam. (This entire vicinity stunk of puke, which was probably due to the unfortunate combination of the heat, fish-lettuce wraps and this swing)

While it was neat to see people dressed in the garb and eat the grub, our favorite part of the entire festival was a pear on a stick. Mind you, this was no ordinary pear on a stick. This was a pear dipped in some kind of concoction that tasted like pure joy in your mouth.  The coating was hard to peg. It looked like honey, tasted like cinnamon, vanilla and syrup, but was hard & crunchy and not sticky. I’ve never thought to dip a pear in anything before, but this combination was so delicious!

5 thoughts on “Medieval Festival

    1. The pear tasted even better than it looked! I can’t even begin to imagine what a hot day in Queensland is like! I guess we’re just cold weather people 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading our blog, Vicki! We really appreciate it 🙂
      As for the pear, it was delicious!! I keep thinking about it, and we can’t find a place that sells them on a regular basis. Not sure if that’s because it’s strictly a medieval thing, but it’s so good and they were selling like hot cakes so you’d think that some of the cafes would make them.
      Hope everything is going well back home!

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