2012 In Review

It’s hard to believe that it’s January 8, 2013! We’ve already begun planning our next trip, and I haven’t yet recapped 2012. So, here it goes… 2012, like every other year I suppose, was full of ups and downs. It just seemed like all of our “down” time this past year was spent in a … More 2012 In Review

The IKEA Test

I was warned as a teenager that in addition to all of the testing that is required in school, life will continuously test you…as long as you live. From grocery shopping in Finland, to figuring out how to use a squatty-potty in India, this has proven to be true. However, the most reoccurring test in … More The IKEA Test

6 month-old bread

Can you imagine eating 6 month-old bread?! Well, apparently that was done here in Finland back in the day. On a recent trip to the Handicrafts Museum we were told that the Finns created this bread called Ruis, but here’s the kicker, they only made it twice a year. It was made in bulk in … More 6 month-old bread


Had, took, did(?) our first sauna yesterday, in yet another attempt to become as Finnish as possible. Back in the States neither of us were big on saunas, mainly because sweating in a room full of strangers didn’t appeal to us. Now sweating in the comfort of your own bathroom sauna, is slightly better, not … More Waarrrrrmmmmmm!!