6 month-old bread

Can you imagine eating 6 month-old bread?! Well, apparently that was done here in Finland back in the day. On a recent trip to the Handicrafts Museum we were told that the Finns created this bread called Ruis, but here’s the kicker, they only made it twice a year. It was made in bulk in a round, disk-like shape with a hole in the center, then stored in the ceiling rafters.

You can still buy the round Ruis with a hole in the center, but it is more commonly sold like this…

Britt and I have different feelings towards this traditional Finnish bread. She loves it, and I hate it. It is a very thin bread (I’m assuming there is no yeast, which is why they were able to store it for 6 months at a time), and a very (VERY) dark rye. A popular way to eat it is with your breakfast sandwich, or warmed with some butter. But no matter what you dress it up with, I can’t get over the heavy rye taste. However, if I had to choose, I would take fresh ruis over 6 month-old ruis any day!

6 thoughts on “6 month-old bread

  1. Great picture of the bread on the ceiling rafters! Grandma and Grandpa liked the ruis bread. I thought there was a small piece left, but it is gone. Can you imagine if Grandma stored her bagels on a ceiling rafter? 🙂

    1. Ha ha! That would be very handy if she kept them in the ceiling rafters, but you would have to change them out every couple of days because there aren’t any preservatives!

    1. Apparently Ruis is becoming a popular commodity in some of the boutique grocery shops in New York City. If you’re a fan of rye, then this would be the bread for you!

  2. I was living in Finland for 6 years. I really enjoyed that bread. So, one day, sitting in the summer cottage a chunk of ruis fell from the rafters after being up there for many (10?) years. Esko wasn’t too fussy, so we ate it. Other than being a bit dry and losing most of its flavor, it was just fine..

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