We’ve done our best to try as many traditional Finnish dishes as possible while here, and last night a good friend of ours had a “surprise” for us at her apartment. It was Mämmi. We’ve been hearing about this traditional Easter dessert for quite a while, and we’ve gotten mixed reviews. Finns have told us … More Mämmi

Turun Taidemuseo

Turku has a pretty incredible art museum, and I’m not just speaking about the paintings. The building itself is a fantastic piece of architecture made out of granite, that sits atop a hill overlooking downtown Turku. Currently there is a special Carl Larson exhibit going on, which is drawing a LOT of people. I have … More Turun Taidemuseo


Finland has many great attributes, and one of them is Marimekko. It’s hard to go down the street here in Turku (or in Helsinki where the company is based) and not see the brightly colored fabrics of Marimekko. Whether it’s a backpack, shirt or shoes made out of the fabric, it’s hard to miss because … More Marimekko

Stranger things.

I’ve seen some pretty strange things in my life, but while flipping through the channels on tv the other night here in Finland we came across this. . . And it scared us a little. The sheep-thing reminds me of Gina Davis in Beetlejuice. Not only are the characters freaky looking, the voices that went … More Stranger things.