Finland has many great attributes, and one of them is Marimekko.

It’s hard to go down the street here in Turku (or in Helsinki where the company is based) and not see the brightly colored fabrics of Marimekko. Whether it’s a backpack, shirt or shoes made out of the fabric, it’s hard to miss because Marimekko is known for using wild and vivid patterns on their fabrics.

One of our favorite souvenirs we’re bringing back to the States is the Marimekko craft book. Because we’re strapped for space in our suitcases, we decided that the craft book would be a better to bring back rather than yards and yards of fabric.

It turns out that there is one Marimekko store in New York City, as well as two concept stores, one in New York City and the other in Cambridge, MA. While there aren’t any other stores in the States, several Crate & Barrels do carry Marimekko fabric in their interior design departments.

One thought on “Marimekko

  1. I love Marimekko! They had their 60th birthday this year. I took some photos in the store in Helsinki in May. I did a post on it about a week ago, great minds think alike.

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