While in Finland we really appreciated invitations from friends to go over and experience Finnish culture with them, so we decided to pay it forward. There is currently a backpacker from Germany (Patrick) who is taking Britt’s place here in the Chicago area for the next 6 months while she’s in India, and we had … More Pumpkins

Early Thanksgiving

We’ve had a few weeks to get back into the groove of living in States, and other than waking up at 3am a few times things have gone smoothly. I’m back at the family bakery making cupcakes, taffy apples, and bagels. Britt was back at IKEA-Bolingbrook for a couple of weeks, but we are now … More Early Thanksgiving

Home Sweet Home

After having breakfast in Rovaniemi, Lapland on Thursday morning we flew to Helsinki and had lunch, then it was off to London where we had fish and chips for dinner. The next morning we had an early flight to Chicago, and ended the first leg of our trip. It’s bittersweet to be back home. We … More Home Sweet Home

Moi Moi

Our visas are up, our money is spent, we’ve made some great friends and had an absolute blast, but now it’s time to say “moi moi” (goodbye) to Finland. So sad to be leaving, but we’re looking forward to coming back…soon!

Beardie Weirdie

Back in 2006 Britt and I crossed the Equator while on a trip to Uganda, East Africa, which sits at 0° latitude. If you go up North 66° 32 feet and 35 inches from the equator you end up on the Arctic Circle. Today, that is where we were at. Now, we just need to … More Beardie Weirdie