Finland has many great attributes, and one of them is Marimekko. It’s hard to go down the street here in Turku (or in Helsinki where the company is based) and not see the brightly colored fabrics of Marimekko. Whether it’s a backpack, shirt or shoes made out of the fabric, it’s hard to miss because … More Marimekko

Helsinki Art

Several parts of downtown Helsinki are currently under construction & rather than having plain boards up to block off the building areas, the fine people of Helsinki have turned them into temporary canvases. Here are just a few of the paintings that I came across. Enjoy!   

Helsinki Cathedral

Being one of the most recognizable landmarks, the Helsinki Cathedral stands atop the city overlooking Senate Square, where on any given day, after 10am (at least during the warmer months) you’ll find swarms of tourists as they either flood in from Market Square where the cruise ships have docked or unload from the tour buses … More Helsinki Cathedral