Night of the Arts – Helsinki

Night of the Arts is exactly what it sounds like, a night full of arts. Actually, it’s a night celebrating the arts, and this year Helsinki’s Night of the Arts was kicked off with a parade of animals made by the public.

The project was headed by a South African and an Indian artist who wanted to focus on the animals of Finland’s woods. However, I’m not sure what the parade marshal was, some kind of grandfather-y giant bug.

The parade was neat, but it was borderline nightmare-ish. The face masks freaked me out & the music was a bit tripp-y.

The parade ended at the cathedral, where spectators gathered on the steps and watched a short concert with the animals “dancing.”

The moose heads were our favorites.

Here is the entire parade as it makes it’s way to the cathedral.


One thought on “Night of the Arts – Helsinki

  1. Well, that is different! Thanks for sharing as I don’t think I’ll ever experience a parade like that in real life.

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