Helsinki Indoor Market

Located on the harbor right next to the Fish Market, is Helsinki’s Indoor Market.

As you walk through the doors your nose is bombarded with a dozen different smells all ranging from the fresh pastries sitting out or the fish being filleted.

The market is small and has a cozy feel. You almost feel as if you’ve walked into someone’s pantry as you walk through the narrow walkways in-between the stalls boasting a variety of Finland’s best eats.

A friend of ours from Turku recommended that we try reindeer jerky, so we bought a package. It was very gamey tasting and SPICY, but the flavor overall was good.

The fresh vegetables almost looked too good to eat!

I noticed that in Helsinki’s cafes (as well as the markets) almost all of them carried these enormous meringue pastries, while I haven’t seen any in Turku’s cafes.

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