Dances with Birds

I wrote an earlier post on the big birds hanging out in the Aurajoki river, and it wasn’t until this last week that we actually found out what their purpose was. Turns out, they’re mini stages for dance performances.

We found out just in time to go down and catch the last performance of the year.

Like all of the other art exhibits here in Finland, this was a bit strange. The music, again, was trippy, and we didn’t understand most of what was going on.

We figured that the dancers and their movements were representing the relationship between human and animal, birds specifically. But, we could be way off base. The music included a lot of “noise”, meaning it sounded like several random things going on at once. Metal clanking, horns blowing, a deep bass, eerie muffled voices, and then halfway through there was about 15 seconds of heavy metal music. It was strange, but I’m glad we saw it.

4 thoughts on “Dances with Birds

  1. Is that flowery swim caps they have on??? Sorry I missed it! What’s with the Fins and their trippy music???

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