Dances with Birds

I wrote an earlier post on the big birds hanging out in the Aurajoki river, and it wasn’t until this last week that we actually found out what their purpose was. Turns out, they’re mini stages for dance performances. We found out just in time to go down and catch the last performance of the … More Dances with Birds

Cool Beans

While out on a bike ride we stumbled across some familiar looking objects… They are familiar to us, because back home in Chicago we have what is locally known as “The Bean” (the real name is Cloud Gate) It’s massive size and mirror-like shell make it a fun interactive piece of art & the West … More Cool Beans

The Man in a Bubble

One of my answers to “what did you do this summer?” will be this: “Oh, I watched a guy swing inside of a 2-story clear bubble while playing trippy music on his flute and floating down the Aurajoki River.” This was the opening celebration for Colourscape, a festival that will bring together music and color. … More The Man in a Bubble

Big Birds

These guys have been hanging out in the Aurajoki river for the past couple of months. They have something to do with the art on display for the Capital of Culture, but i’m not sure what the rollerbladers sporting backpacks balanced on top of the birds have to do with it. They’re a bit creepy … More Big Birds