The Man in a Bubble

One of my answers to “what did you do this summer?” will be this: “Oh, I watched a guy swing inside of a 2-story clear bubble while playing trippy music on his flute and floating down the Aurajoki River.”

This was the opening celebration for Colourscape, a festival that will bring together music and color.

Colourscape has taken over one of the parks in town, filling it with 100 sphere shaped cells, each it’s own color, linked together like a giant labyrinth. Throughout the color-maze there will be musicians playing music for people to listen to and experience color in a new way.

Ahh, summer in Finland.

7 thoughts on “The Man in a Bubble

  1. We never see pictures of you guys in front of landscape….I forget what you look like!!! lolzjk but seriously…kthxbai

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