Imagine That!

One of our favorite things to do back home is go to the movies. After converting the price for a single movie ticket here in Finland to around $16 (thanks to the crappy dollar to euro conversion) we decided that trips to the theater were going to be limited. Fortunately, we found a way around the high cost and ended up buying a bulk pass that was around $9 a ticket. Much better. When going to a movie in the States it’s a free-for-all as far as the seating goes. You have to get there early enough to stumble into the dark room and try to pick out seats while your eyes are still adjusting to the lights. It can be a real pain. Here in Finland, when you buy a ticket you literally rent a seat and pick your spot out when paying for your ticket. And, when you walk into the theater they still have the lights turned on so you don’t fall up the unevenly spaced mini steps that lead you to your assigned seat! Imagine that! This was also the case in South Africa, so I’m not sure if America is the only country that makes you hunt and search for your own seat in the dark.

The other day we went to see Win Win (great movie) and ended up being the only people in the entire theater. It was as if it were a private showing just for the two of us. And even though the theater was empty, we felt obligated to sit in our assigned seats (good thing they were good seats!). If only we could have gotten them to turn off the Finnish subtitles that took up half of the screen!

One thought on “Imagine That!

  1. That must have been a surreal experience! Did you and Britt talk through the movie since there was no one else in the theater? 🙂 Is this a movie that I should see? If so, add it to my list. 🙂

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