Had, took, did(?) our first sauna yesterday, in yet another attempt to become as Finnish as possible. Back in the States neither of us were big on saunas, mainly because sweating in a room full of strangers didn’t appeal to us. Now sweating in the comfort of your own bathroom sauna, is slightly better, not much, but slightly. Within 15 minutes of sitting down the sauna was up to 60 Celsius (140 F), and I was sweating buckets, literally. I was sweating like a sumo wrestler wearing a leather suit trying to outrun a lion in the middle of the Sahara on the hottest day of the year. Yeah, it was gross. But, afterwards I had a quick ice cold shower, and surprisingly felt extremely revitalized. So, overall, it was the worst best refreshing experience & I can see how it would be appealing to people who live in the Arctic Circle. 

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