Qutb Minar

Located within the Mehrauli Archaeological Park stands India’s highest single tower, Qutb Minar (Arabic for pole/axis). The tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and is a hot-spot not just for tourists, but for everyone. At the entrance to the park stands a mosque, that is still in use.

The archaeological park is huge, and we were strapped for time so we were limited to seeing the Qutb Minar and the immediate surrounding ruins.

The tower itself is absolutely enormous, and these pictures don’t do it justice. This five story tower was built, along with a mosque (not pictured) in 1193 “to announce the advent of the Muslim sultans”  (Eyewitness Travel, India)










The intricate details that were sculpted into these ruins are mind-blowing and beyond beautiful. A group of parrots have made a home at the ruins and we would occasionally spot one hanging out.


Whenever Britt and I travel we love to explore historical sights (especially UNESCO World Heritage sights) but there is a strange thing that happens here in India whenever we step out to one of these spots. For some reason, there are flocks of people who want to be photographed with us. I find this very unnerving and don’t understand what their motivation is. The first time it happened was at India Gate. We had a woman take our picture in front of the gate, and before we knew it there was a crowd of at least 15 people also taking our picture. Then, a while later, two men came up and asked to take our picture with them. I immediately said “no,” dismissing them as pervs. Here, at Qutb Minar a group of women approached us as we walked into the park and asked to have their picture taken with us. And, as we walked through the park people snapped pictures of us like we were celebrities. Men, women and children approached us throughout our time there asking to be photographed with us, and despite our bafflement we gave in and went with it. I just want to know how they explain those pictures later on when they’re showing them to family and friends. “Here’s the Qutb Minar. Here are the ruins. Oh! And this is a picture of me with two white girls!” I just don’t get it.










Nevertheless, we enjoyed our visit and will be heading back to the park to explore the rest of the ruins when we have more time.

4 thoughts on “Qutb Minar

  1. These pictures are Beautiful! That whole picture thing is so funny (and weird). I’ll have to ask Ronnie his toughts. He studies a lot of different cultures so maybe he can shed some light on this. xoxo

    1. Any insight about the picture taking would be helpful! Each person who has asked to have their picture taken with us doesn’t speak english well enough to answer why they want their picture taken with us. It happens just about everywhere we go & no one can tell us why! Very strange.

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