After a racing through 7 lanes of traffic on a 2 lane road equipped with cars of all sizes, trucks, motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, bicycle-rickshaws, pedestrians, wild dogs, monkeys and the occasional elephant I was beginning to feel carsick. The closest I can come to describing Delhi traffic is understood chaos. There are lines on the road, … More Rajpath

Hello, India!

After two rounds of announcements from the cockpit, one in Arabic and the other in Hindi, the English translation finally came on. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to New Delhi, India.” Finally! It had been 31 hours of travel, including 4 flights and 3 countries, and I was exhausted and felt disgusting. Though I consider myself … More Hello, India!

And I’m off!

These last 2 months have flown by, and now I’m about to board the first of 4 flights to get to India! Only 31 hours of travel time until I’m there!