Finland has many great attributes, and one of them is Marimekko. It’s hard to go down the street here in Turku (or in Helsinki where the company is based) and not see the brightly colored fabrics of Marimekko. Whether it’s a backpack, shirt or shoes made out of the fabric, it’s hard to miss because … More Marimekko

Stranger things.

I’ve seen some pretty strange things in my life, but while flipping through the channels on tv the other night here in Finland we came across this. . . And it scared us a little. The sheep-thing reminds me of Gina Davis in Beetlejuice. Not only are the characters freaky looking, the voices that went … More Stranger things.

Imagine That!

One of our favorite things to do back home is go to the movies. After converting the price for a single movie ticket here in Finland to around $16 (thanks to the crappy dollar to euro conversion) we decided that trips to the theater were going to be limited. Fortunately, we found a way around … More Imagine That!

Dances with Birds

I wrote an earlier post on the big birds hanging out in the Aurajoki river, and it wasn’t until this last week that we actually found out what their purpose was. Turns out, they’re mini stages for dance performances. We found out just in time to go down and catch the last performance of the … More Dances with Birds