Venus de Miles

It’s said that you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close. Ever since we used bicycles as a main mode of transportation in Finland, we’ve been hooked not just on riding bikes, but on the lifestyle that goes along with it as well. That came to a screeching halt … More Venus de Miles

Hipsters, Unite!

While thousands of people descended on Chicago this past weekend to protest the NATO summit, we were in a less hostile mood and headed the opposite direction towards the Northern neighborhoods. Nestled in Chicago’s North Side is one of our favorite places to go for a good time, ┬áThe Lincoln Lodge… Located in the back … More Hipsters, Unite!

She’s BAAaack!

As of 5:10pm today, both of us Britts are on US soil. After 12 months and 15 days, 2 countries, thousands of miles (and dollars), several new friends and countless memories later, our year abroad is over. This past year has gone by incredibly fast, and yet we have grown more individually, and together, over … More She’s BAAaack!


While in Finland we really appreciated invitations from friends to go over and experience Finnish culture with them, so we decided to pay it forward. There is currently a backpacker from Germany (Patrick) who is taking Britt’s place here in the Chicago area for the next 6 months while she’s in India, and we had … More Pumpkins