Hipsters, Unite!

While thousands of people descended on Chicago this past weekend to protest the NATO summit, we were in a less hostile mood and headed the opposite direction towards the Northern neighborhoods. Nestled in Chicago’s North Side is one of our favorite places to go for a good time,  The Lincoln Lodge…

Located in the back of a pancake house, the Lincoln Lodge is the best place to go in the city for stand-up comedy. No, really…the best. The first time we went to the LL for a show we were skeptical, mainly because the entrance to the comedy club at the rear of the restaurant is pretty shady…

One would never know, by looking at the outside of this place that it’s tiny stage has been graced by the likes of TJ Miller, Fred Armisen, and Hannibal Buress, as well as being the launch pad for many of Chicago’s up and coming comics. Because the Lincoln Lodge is still a bit “underground” and hosts alternative comedy (nothing “Jerry Seinfeld” about this place) it’s a hot-spot for hipsters. On any given night a good portion of the crowd will have arrived via bicycle, even more will be sporting an uneven haircut and forget about matching clothes!

Having frequented this place over the past several years, we have our favorite comics that we keep an eye out for, and this past Friday was the “send-off” for one of them. The name of the show was “Side Mullet Send Off” and it was a final goodbye for one of the Lincoln Lodge’s main players, Cameron Esposito. Where does the “side mullet” come in, you ask? Just take a look…

Like all of the other comics we’ve seen at the Lincoln Lodge, Cameron is hilarious. We’re always in for a good time when we pull up to the back lot of the restaurant and walk through the shady hallway to the comedy room. Every single time we’ve left the Lodge, our stomachs are sore, and our faces hurt from laughing so hard. If you’re looking for some laughs then I cannot recommend this place highly enough. With it’s laid-back atmosphere, good food & drinks, and hilarious line-ups the Lincoln Lodge beats out any other comedy house in the city.

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