Khan Market

Although Khan Cha Cha was a diamond in the rough, it wasn’t the only gem that Khan Market had to offer. There were several good places to buy saris, shoes, fabrics and a plethora of other items.

The only breathtaking shop, however, was a little bookshop.

There are few things that I love more than books, so when Britt took me here I was beyond thrilled. There was no rhyme nor reason to the placement of the books. “It belongs where it fits” seemed to be the theory for categorizing. While it was somewhat irritating/overwhelming at first, trying to find anything with absolutely no reference point, it quickly shifted to something that felt more like a treasure hunt. It forced me to slow down and look over each row, nook and cranny, making a find a small triumph!

It wasn’t long before I had found two books that are on my reading list (The Glass Palace & Indira Ghandi, a biography), and after bartering with the shop-owner I got them at a fraction of what I would have paid in the States.  While I would have loved to spend the entire day exploring the cave of books, we did eventually have to leave, but I look forward to many trips back!

3 thoughts on “Khan Market

  1. I’ll bet Brittany had one heck of a time dragging you out of that book “cave”!!! What a cool find! Be careful on that ladder!! PS…Happy Birthday Britt!! xoxoxoxo

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