Meidän Polkupyörät

We are now a part of a community of hundreds of people who use bicycles as their main mode of transportation. Bikes far out number cars here in Turku, and you’re more likely to find a parking spot for your car than an open spot along the bike posts. There are bike paths criss-crossing Turku, even connecting Finland to Sweden via the Archipelago Trail (mind you, it would take over a week to get from Finland to Sweden via bike). We purchased our bikes from a bicycle resale shop, so they’re not new by any means, but they get us from point A to B!

3 thoughts on “Meidän Polkupyörät

  1. Those are DARLING!!! You can put a basket on the back and decorate it with flowers!!! I will need one with a motor, though…start hunting for a scooter for me (and Dave!)

    1. There is a Hertz down the street that actually rents out scooters (Vespas). Big fat bummer, my back bike tire blew out and is now useless until Friday when the store I bought if from is open again. I walked it all the way there today only to find out that everyone had left and wouldn’t be back until Friday, so I walked it back home. I think it would be fun if you guys rented scooters while you were here!

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