What A Night!

Went and saw the new Pirates movie (awesome!) and came back to our apartment stinking of smoke and our neighbor’s smoke alarm going off. Since we don’t have a phone we went out and found a good Samaritan who let us call the fire emergency on his cell phone and now we have this… The firemen (who speak choppy English) said that they have it under control and for us to go back to bed. Fat chance.

A few minutes later the firemen began pumping fresh air into the building and knocked on our door to tell us that our neighbor had gotten drunk, threw a pizza in the oven, and then he passed out, which explains why he didn’t answer when we rang his doorbell. The pizza had been burning for who knows how long and our neighbor was just taken by the ambulance to the hospital. Good thing we went to the late movie and came home to the smoke, otherwise we might have slept through it and the building could have been on fire by morning! Now it’s 2am, the sun set 2 hours ago, now it’s rising again and we’re just going to bed. What. A. Night.

*for some reason I can’t get the video to upload. this is a pic from a video taken of all 9 police/ambulance/fire trucks. the video is posted on my facebook if you want to see it.

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