Weed, Graffiti & Music – Eurocultured Day 1

 On our way over to the Eurocultured street festival we ran into a “weed protest.” I couldn’t read their signs because they were in Finnish, but I’m assuming they want weed legalized. Although, whether it’s legal or not didn’t seem to make a difference to them because a cloud of smoke was billowing up from the parade.

On to the Eurocultured Street Festival. The point of this event is to display modern street art from all over Europe. The majority of the visual art was graffiti, but there were a few paintings as well (and because this is such a nautical town, the paintings were all on the bottom side of boats). Other forms of art on display were music, food, sport (hacky sack, bmx, skateboard, etc) and break dancing.

This is the main stage for the bands and break dancers. Although the concerts went on into the night you would never know it because the sun was up for all of it!

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