The Next Big Thing

Most of you know that back home I worked in my family’s bakery and every baking magazine I would get always had an article about “topped muffins.” I would see them here and there in various other bakeries and grocery shops, but here in Finland I haven’t seen a muffin without a top on it. … More The Next Big Thing

Happy Easter!

To celebrate Easter here in Finland, we went to the candy shop and bought our Easter eggs. The children here receive eggs about 10 times the size of these, but they’re filled with toys instead of cream. The woman who ran the candy shop didn’t speak one iota of English, so we had to rely … More Happy Easter!

Good Friday

Sorry we’re a few days behind. Internet has been hard to come by since the city basically shut down from Good Friday to Easter Monday for the Easter holiday. To start off the Easter holiday the Turku Cathedral had a ballet performance inside on Friday afternoon, then later that night at 9:30 (the sun is … More Good Friday


A few days ago, while roaming the city I came across a little place called Latte Cafe. It’s a small cafe near the heart of the city that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in-between, but they specialize in kahvi (coffee). Not only is this little cafe coffee crazy, but it turns out that the … More Kahvi