The Next Big Thing

Most of you know that back home I worked in my family’s bakery and every baking magazine I would get always had an article about “topped muffins.” I would see them here and there in various other bakeries and grocery shops, but here in Finland I haven’t seen a muffin without a top on it. The majority of the toppings are some type of chocolate ganache, but I’ve seen several that look like they’re topped with icing, very similar to a cupcake. After passing several bakeries we had to stop and buy some topped muffins for ourselves. The muffin itself could use a bit of work, but the topping really did add quite a bit of flavor, and it makes the muffins that much more appealing to the eye. I have no doubt in my mind that this “topped muffin” craze will hit State-side very soon & will be the next big thing!

The muffins in the picture were Taffy Apple (apple muffin with a caramel topping), White Chocolate Blueberry (blueberry muffin with a white chocolate ganache topping) and Chocolate Chocolate (chocolate muffin with chocolate ganache topping)

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