A few days ago, while roaming the city I came across a little place called Latte Cafe. It’s a small cafe near the heart of the city that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in-between, but they specialize in kahvi (coffee). Not only is this little cafe coffee crazy, but it turns out that the entire country is hooked on the stuff! I was surprised to find out that Finns drink more coffee per capita than anyone else in the world. And their coffee isn’t the weak flavor-infused coffee that I was used to back home in the States. The Finnish are serious about their coffee! It’s thick and very strong! As far as I’m concerned, coffee can’t compare to tea, so I’m sure if you yourself are a kahvi-lover then you’ll feel right at home here amongst the Finnish.

One thought on “Kahvi

  1. Sherry and I would fit right in with the coffee thing. I think the tree is called a monkey tree. We saw something similar at the botanical gardens in Edinburough(sp).

    Hope all is going well this easter!

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