Hewn into solid rock, Temppeliaukio church is a must-stop while in Helsinki. The building doesn’t open until 10am, but at 9:30 tour buses line up and unload dozen after dozen of eager foreigners. Unaware that this was such a popular spot, we hopped on a street car and found the church only because a friend … More Temppeliaukio

Chocolate King

The name Fazer appears quite frequently here in Finland, whether you’re in the market buying bread, looking for a good chocolate or another type of sweet. The biggest Fazer name you’ll see however, is at the Fazer Cafe on¬†Kluuvikatu street in downtown Helsinki. The walls of the cozy interior are lined with mouth-watering pictures of … More Chocolate King

Suomenlinna Island

If you find yourself in the Helsinki market, and you look towards the harbor, not 50 feet away you’ll see a swarm of people cramming themselves onto a ferry boat and dashing to get a good seat on the top deck. The majority of those people are tourists from the cruise ships that docked earlier … More Suomenlinna Island


We’ve been here in Finland for about 4 and a half months now, and we have yet to take the trip up North to the Arctic Circle. However, we did take a trolly ride to the opposite end of the downtown district in Helsinki to eat dinner at an authentic Lappish restaurant called Lappi. The … More Lappi