Chocolate King

The name Fazer appears quite frequently here in Finland, whether you’re in the market buying bread, looking for a good chocolate or another type of sweet. The biggest Fazer name you’ll see however, is at the Fazer Cafe on Kluuvikatu street in downtown Helsinki.

The walls of the cozy interior are lined with mouth-watering pictures of their delicious delicacies, while tourists and locals alike stock up on sweet treats.

Karl Fazer founded the company back in 1891, and the company now makes breads and pastries in addition to their famous chocolates.

After a long day of touring the city we stopped by Chocolate Empire and had Chococcinos and a pastry puff. Both were absolutely delicious and hit the sopt. Last weekend on our fist visit to Fazer Cafe, we enjoyed a light lunch, but more importantly, hand-dipped ice cream!

3 thoughts on “Chocolate King

    1. We just read about the Glo hotel today! The travel book we read said that Glo is a “lifestyle” hotel featuring black toilet paper, curved walls, base tunes, paint supplies etc. etc. It definitely sounds interesting!

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