That Time of the Year

For the past three years Britt and I have moved every 6 months. And I’m not talking about moving across town. We packed our lives up 6 times and moved country-to-country and state-to-state. It was exhausting, and knowing that we were going to be settled in Texas for several years was comforting. However, it has been 6 months since we moved down here, and believe it or not we had a (brief) moment where we wanted to pack everything up and go at it again. Once we got to thinking about the logistics of it all we quickly decided that it was indeed a better idea to stay put for a while longer. Although our traveling together has slowed down, it hasn’t come to a complete stop. During the past 6 months we were able to visit home-sweet-home Chicago several times, as well as returning to Scandinavia on our trip to Sweden back in February. For some reason, I thought that this move down South would mean a slower lifestyle, but if anything, life has sped up! Britt is constantly on the go with IKEA, I’m going between working on my portfolio and getting ready for my new job at the Houston Zoo, our pup gets us outdoors, we might be adopting a kitten, and to boot we are training to run the half marathon at Niagara Falls this June!

Brix & Blue Bonnets

What I’m really getting at is that while we are doing blog-worthy activities just about every week here in Houston, I’ve just fallen behind on getting them up on this blog. I have some free time this coming week, so be prepared for some new posts! Until then, enjoy this wonderfully hilarious video that my siblings made…

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