Well…That was interesting

This weekend is yet ANOTHER holiday here in Finland, this time everyone is celebrating Midsummer. We forgot that everything closes for the holidays here, and didn’t get our groceries before the everything shut down and the festivities began. With almost no food in the apartment and two days until the grocery stores open back up again we headed to McDonald’s for some dinner.

While standing in line two Gypsies cut in front of us, but we weren’t about to say anything because they were both about 6 feet tall and didn’t look to happy (plus, I can only count and greet people in Finnish, not put them in their place at the back of the line). Now, I had never seen actual Gypsies until we got here in Finland, and when I do see them I often catch myself staring at their unique outfits. This being said, I was happy to admire the girls’ style and wait an extra few minutes in line.

When the two girls got up to the counter something went down between them and the girl at the register, and then the two Gypsies turned to us and started yelling AT us in Finnish. We were both caught off guard, and for some reason I just smiled back at them and Britt looked like a deer in headlights. The girl behind the counter began to wave us towards her, but that meant we had to get past the yelling Gypsies. I was no longer smiling at this point.

We quickly ordered our food, with the yelling still going on behind us, and didn’t bother to ask the girl taking our order to explain to us what just happened. We found a table back in a corner, but the Gypsies found a table where they could glare at us during our entire meal. The ENTIRE meal. This caused us to eat rather quickly and get on our merry little way. Needless to say, it was one of the more interesting dining experiences we’ve had!

3 thoughts on “Well…That was interesting

  1. Hi Brittany

    From our experience, cutting in line is a VERY big deal in Europe. That is probably what the conversation was about.

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