The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

So, here I am sitting in my apartment working on my books, when all of a sudden the windows begin to rattle and there is a deafening noise that sounds like a bomb (or what I assume a bomb would sound like, since I’ve never actually heard one in real life), followed by another and then another. I am temporarily stricken with terror and plan to head straight to the bomb shelter on the first floor of our building, conveniently located in between the storage units and bike locker (seriously, it’s a real bomb shelter). I still hear rumbling off in the distance, and look out the window for any signs of damage, and that’s when I see it. Not a bomb, or the Russians, but the Americans. Yep. An USAF Thunderbird goes flying by right overhead, and the explosion of noise was just a few seconds behind. The Turku Air Show is this weekend, with the USAF Thunderbirds as the highlight so I’m assuming that they’re preparing for Saturday and Sunday. But for a moment, I was convinced the Russians were coming!!

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