One of the things that we never leave home without, whether we’re in Chicago, St. John or Finland is our Baggu.

Inside this small grey pack are 3 reusable shopping bags and 5 reusable produce bags.

Not only do these bags prevent us from using plastic bags at the store, but they come in handy ALL the time. For instance, when we arrived at O’hare International Airport in April it wasn’t 10 minutes into checking in that I had to whip out a Baggu. There was a strict 50lb (22.6 kilos) weight limit on checked luggage with Scandinavian Airlines, and BOTH of our checked bags were slightly overweight. The woman checking us in wasn’t going to let anything slide, and we weren’t going to pay the $150 overweight fee, so I pulled a Baggu out of my backpack and we began throwing anything with substantial weight from our luggage into the bag. We finally got the luggage down to 50lbs and walked on the plane with a backpack each and one Baggu. Once we arrived in Finland we were using our Baggus frequently, due to the fact that all markets here make you buy your plastic grocery bags. These bags have saved us a ton of money, come in handy and are incredibly sturdy. I highly recommend Baggu for anyone, but especially for the traveler. The Baggu Kits make a great gift & they make them in great colors and in several different sizes and shapes! Check them out at

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