Cinco de Mayo

Unlike home, there are virtually no Mexican people here, so Cinco de Mayo went uncelebrated…almost. In honor of freedom and democracy Britt and I went down to Mexican Cantina, which I’m pretty sure is the only Mexican restaurant in Turku, maybe even Finland. The entrance and Mayan decorations looked promising, and I was looking forward to using my Spanish, but that never happened. We were greeted with Finnish text on the welcome board and a Finnish wait staff. The Menu had a bit of Spanish on it, but the majority was Finnish. We left a bit early for the restaurant thinking that considering the holiday, (and we now know how crazy Finns are about holidays) the restaurant would be busy, but we were one of only four tables being served out of the 35 or so they had set up. Despite the presence of any actual Mexican, the beef fajitas were excellent and Britt and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite as we threw our own Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

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