Keep Calm & Curry On

Nothing broadens you like travel, and some places broaden you more than others. India would be one of those places. We were challenged in ways we never expected we would be. We had to learn how to fend for ourselves, how to use a squatty potty, how to use a squatty potty on a rickety old train barreling down the tracks, how to eat the food, how to seek medical attention, how to communicate, and the list goes on and on.

Although we learned a lot about who we are, and who India is, we were grateful to return back to the States, though India still lingered in us. I came home with, and battled Delhi Belly for about 7 months, and Britt continues to deal with the after-affects of whiplash. We certainly didn’t suffer from any type of Post-Traumatic Stress, however we were both shaken-up by our time in India.

If you would have asked us 12 months ago if we would ever return to India, it would have taken some serious bribing to get us to say yes. But, now that we have had ample time to process our time there, we both agree that India is worth visiting again. IKEA is preparing to open it’s very first store in India, which greatly increases the chances of us going back. With all of the recent talk of India, we decided that it was time for us to Curry-On. That is, to go and have Indian food for the first time since our time in India.

Most people probably wouldn’t consider Houston to be a big hub for Foodies, but surprisingly it is. There are more ex-pats living in Houston than anywhere else in the United States, and with that comes a plethora of international restaurants. Indika is ranked as one of Houston’s best Indian restaurants, and it’s where we chose to re-visit curry. Green Masala Chicken Shrimp Katakat Mango Custard

The food was delicious, and brought memories of India flooding back. We laughed, and sighed, cringed and shuttered as we thought back on all of the things that happened there. By the end of the night, as we took our last sips of Chai Masala tea, we both agreed that if given the opportunity we would absolutely go back. Only next time, we’ll remember to bring plenty of antibiotics and leave our inhibitions at home.  After all, you have to be in a compete state of freedom in order to drop your pants in the middle of the jungle to go to the bathroom!

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