Via Colori

There are few things that I enjoy more than art and being outside, so when I got wind that there was an outdoor art festival happening this weekend I made sure I was there! Like I mentioned earlier, Houston has been a pleasant surprise, and it’s art scene continues to catch me off guard!

It was a beautiful November morning downtown Houston on Sunday, 75 degrees and sunny to be exact! (I’m still trying to get used to warm winter weather. Tough, I know) This particular event was a street painting festival called Via Colori, and it benefited Houston’s Center for Hearing and Speech. Each artist was given their own block of street, and with a whole lot of talent and pastel chalks they created some masterpieces…

Each artist was sponsored by a local business, and wouldn’t you know it, IKEA was one of them!

Walking around, I was blown away by some of these artists. Not just because their piece looked good, but because for a lot of them, pastels are not their medium of choice, not to mention the fact that pavement is not the best surface to work with.

While some of the street paintings were amazing, I was most blown away by the Dirty Cart Art…

Not only was the concept fantastic, but come on! These are AMAZING!!

With some homemade gelato from a local cafe, and live music to boot, it was not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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