Houston, a pleasant surprise!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were hesitant (to say the least) about our move to Houston. After having had an excellent time at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, our spirits were high. Then, we pulled into a gas station 5 miles down the road and had a strange encounter. While Britt was getting gas, I was sitting in the front seat with both the driver and passenger doors open, enjoying the warm weather. That is, until a burst of wind blew our packet of directions and maps off of the dash and out of the car. I went running after it, but an older gentleman got to it before I could. As he handed them back to me this is what he said, “yargoonberstarkybobkeebin-tootin.” Nothing about what he said came close to the English language. Nevertheless, I smiled and thanked him, and when Britt asked me what he said, I told her I hadn’t the slightest clue! It’s a good thing we didn’t run into any car trouble out there in the sticks, because we would have needed a translator to get anything done!
We spent a second night in Texarkana, which is a city that literally sits on the Texas/Arkansas border (hence the name). The next morning we got up early and officially crossed into Texas territory.

The majority of the last leg of the drive took us through the beautiful Woodlands of Texas. After thinking about, planning and (let’s face it) dreading this move, we finally pulled into our new home.

“Houston” was the first word spoken from the lunar surface, it is the country’s 4th largest city, houses the world’s largest medical center, has a gay mayor, over 19 museums and a lively food and music scene. From all that we’ve seen so far, the only downside to this city is that the summers are ungodly hot.
Since arriving here 4 days ago, we have hit the ground running and accomplished a ton. On day one, we started our apartment hunt, and (thanks to a fantastic realtor) we found a perfect place to live, and will be moving in this Thursday. On day two, we explored the city and spent the afternoon at Houston’s Downtown Aquarium, and had a fantastic lunch next to one of their massive tanks.

On day three we attended an animal adoption event, and (surprise!) fell in love with one who we began filling out adoption paperwork for on the spot. She was rescued from the streets of Houston at 7 months old, and has been in living in foster care ever since (she’s now 1 year old). We’ve cleared the background checks and it looks like “Kiddo” soon to be “Brix” will be moving in with us on Saturday!

And today, day four, we started off with the Houston Moonlight Ramble (for those of you who don’t speak “modern bike” a ramble is basically a bicycle ride). We joined thousands of fellow Houstonians downtown at midnight last night (technically 12am this morning), many of which were dressed up for Halloween, and hit the road! It was a great way to see the city, and we had a blast!

Overall, this city is proving not to be near as lame as I had originally anticipated. Tomorrow Britt has her first day at the office, and I’ll get back to my writing/illustrating. Our transition has been incredibly (and unexpectedly) smooth. Who knows, give it a few more months and maybe we’ll be sporting some boots and a drawl…but I highly doubt it 😉

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