On Again, Off Again

We have a love/hate relationship here in India. With the power that is. When the power is on, then everything’s great! We can run our small heater during the cool night, watch tv, surf the internet, etc. etc. The only inconvenience, albeit small, is that we have to turn off our refrigerator if we want to cook on our hot pad. Like I said, a small price to pay. The only problem is that the power goes off at least once a day, usually it’s more like 2 or 3 times. It’s not a problem during the day, I’ve got plenty to do that doesn’t require anything more than a book, pencil or paper. It’s during the evenings when we’re forced to do everything by candle or flashlight that it becomes irritating. Although, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. About every 40 feet throughout the neighborhood stands a power line, and they’re all…shall we say, crowded…

4 thoughts on “On Again, Off Again

  1. Yes it is. I was watching the electrician yesterday as he took apart one of the power lines to ghetto-rig an amplifier up for a wedding that took place in the park. “Organized chaos” is the only way I can explain it.

  2. wow….what a nightmare! I have never seen wiring as bad as that, however…I would imagine that if the electricians can cope with that mess, they must be some of the most talented electricians in the world!

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