Flux Aura – Butterfly Villages

Flux Aura is an environmental art event that takes place throughout Turku all summer long. There are a total of 12 installations, ranging from art hanging in the trees to a giant daisy sitting along the shores of the river. On our last ride out to Ruissalo Island we came across the twelfth installation, called Butterfly Villages.

The villages are located at the botanical garden out on Ruissalo Island.

“The butterfly villages are artistic butterfly feeders and nesting boxes, made of recycled and natural materials.” -Flux Aura

While we didn’t see any butterflies in the villages (the wrong time of season I suppose) the little houses themselves were fascinating to look at, and the gardens we walked through to get to them were absolutely stunning.

2 thoughts on “Flux Aura – Butterfly Villages

  1. Very cool houses! I don’t think I have ever seen butterfly houses before. Too bad there were no butterflies!

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