Random acts of… what??

Random acts of kindness? Sure. But random acts of knitting? Yeah, apparently it’s a thing (google it if you don’t believe me), and it’s arrived in Finland. A knitter got ahold of the railing at Turku’s public library…

This scarf, or whatever you want to call it, is actually knitted to the railing. Someone will literally have to cut it off. These knitters have too much time on their hands.

3 thoughts on “Random acts of… what??

  1. Every time I think the world is just completely nutty, something else happens to add to my reasons for this conclusion!!! How Funny!!!

  2. That happened in Brisbane last year. Knitted covers appeared on all sorts of things. I think it is fun – although knitting for people who are cold may be of more use.

    1. I couldn’t believe it was an actual thing that more than one person is doing! Britt recognized it as a “random act of knitting” right away, but I had to take to the internet to get some proof that she wasn’t just making it up. Turns out she’s right. The West coast of the US seems to get “knit-bombed” (as they call it) a lot.

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