Ice Cream & Jelly

We haven’t found any ice cream that we like here because most “ice cream” is frozen mousse, but we saw these in the market and got them because they looked promising… They were frozen mousse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the ice cream here tastes bad, it’s just different. Having said that, I do not like this Jattis “ice cream” one bit and it’s not because it’s mousse. I don’t like Jattis because it’s filled with strawberry jelly,and not a syrupy dessert kind of jelly, the same strawberry jelly that goes with peanut butter, or on toast. Maybe this ice cream, sorry, frozen mousse and jelly combo is something that I’ll get used to and crave once we leave Scandinavia, but for now I’d rather keep my jelly with my toast and peanut butter.

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