Inside Tip

Here’s an inside tip for anyone who needs to go grocery shopping in a place where your language isn’t spoken, or written on anything for that matter. All you need is to be really good at I Spy. It took us the better half of 2 hours to find a hairdryer yesterday, and you don’t even want to hear how long it took us to find mayonnaise (2 days and 3 trips to the market, for those of you who do want to know)! Nothing is written in English so you buy everything according to how it looks, or how the picture of it looks on the outside of the box/can. And forget about buying anything that requires you to read the instructions! It’s a good thing that between Britt and I we can whip together several decent meals and baked goods without a recipe card. If we would have taken this trip 2 years ago we’d be living on a steady diet of noodles & butter. So, my point is…If you plan on traveling anywhere that English isn’t spoken, I highly recommend you buy a giant I Spy book and get some practice before you leave. Otherwise, if you can’t cook by heart, prepare yourself for spaghetti & butter 🙂

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