Ambush in the Park

There’s nothing like taking a nice stroll through a garden, admiring the the exotic plants, watching the children play games and getting ambushed. That’s right, ambushed! But we’ll get to that in a minute. First lets take a look at, what really is a beautiful park, Lodhi Garden. Sprinkled with 15th and 16th century ruins, … More Ambush in the Park

The Red Fort

The Red Fort towers over Old Delhi, and although it lies in ruins now, it’s exciting to imagine what this place would have been like during it’s peak years. Built by the Mughals this fort was a place of luxury and grandeur. After walking through Lahore Gate (named because it faces Lahore, Pakistan) you find … More The Red Fort

Khan Cha Cha

My mouth was still on fire from the previous night’s dinner (that I swear came straight from the devil himself), so when Britt said that we were going out to eat for lunch you can understand my hesitancy. Our driver dropped us off in a sea of traffic on the opposite side of where we … More Khan Cha Cha