Drinking + Cycling = Crashing

Even at 10:30 at night, the bike roads seemed busier than the car roads tonight. Usually our fellow cyclers are fairly good drivers, making it easy to ride in a “pack.” Tonight, however, was the end of Ruisrock (Turku’s biggest rock music festival), so after a long weekend of dancing and drinking, there were several riders who were more than wasted. There was a woman who crashed her bike right into a light pole and then, acting as if she were on a small boat in the middle of a great storm, she swayed back and forth attempting to right herself, but in the end gravity won, and on the ground she stayed. Another rider who started out behind us, grumbled and cut-off his way through the pack to the front, only to crash into a street curb and fly head-first over the handle-bars. Ahh, summer in Finland!

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